To design your sacred space from the inside out! 

On-line courses that teach Vastu Shastra with a Yogic perspective
for healing, well-being and spiritual growth. 


Julia Dalalba

  • Vastu consultant, architect, healer, yoguini
  • Ph.D. candidate in sacred architecture, Oxford (U.K.)
  • Christian disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda since 2013

I am a Vastu consultant and architect specialized in interior design for health and spiritual well-being. My passion is to help and teach you to be more aligned with your soul through the space in which you live, combining the science of Vastu with the wisdom of Yoga.

I studied in the ETSAM (Polytechnic University of Madrid) and already then, in the architecture school, I started to wonder how the space affects our health and well-being. On my first trip to India, I discovered Vastu and immediately knew that it was what I had always been looking for.

I am based in Spain, doing a PhD in Vastu Shastra for Christian Spirituality in Oxford, (UK) but my research is in India. I normally live between those 3 countries and I love it! I started my Vastu training in South India, where I’ve been living for long periods since 2013. It was also in India where I started practicing yoga as a philosophy of life, making me reconnect with my Christian faith thanks to the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda.

What do I offer you?


to design sacred spaces

Start learning the science of Vaastu for architecture, discover the secrets of health and well-being in the building and design more uplifting spaces. Perfect to improve or design #yourexternaltemple.

Vastu is a sacred science that combines architecture with spirituality. It's a very broad and complex Vedic knowledge that's not well understood by many people nowadays.
My approach is holistic, therapeutic, non dogmatic and spiritual. I analyze it in a transpersonal way, from a yogic perspective. I try to divulge it with the rigor it deserves, adapting it to our times using common sense, in a practical and simple way.


to redesign your own space: body, mind and soul

This is a space dedicated to your own inner architecture for healing, well-being and spiritual growth. That's what I call taking care of #yourinnertemple.

I don't teach asanas. Here I offer special aspects of Raja Yoga and Kriya Yoga that are aplicable to Vastu such as: ways to help you develop your intuition, harmonize your home for spiritual growth, group healing sessions using Yogananda healing techniques and any other aspects related to spiritual well-being.

“To understand sickness and healing,  whether medically or architecturally,  
we need to understand  the different levels of the human being”  

  in ‘Places of the Soul’ 

( And...this is why I combine the science of Vastu with Yoga principles! )


 "I love what I am seeing. The content is very clear and useful to me, and Julia’s voice and expression transmit so much sincerity, calm and closeness that it is a pleasure to see and listen too. I am happy I bought the course and I am very satisfied."

Gabriel Balsera

(He took the course: How to develop your intuition with yoga principles)

 "We did a group healing with Julia and it was a beautiful experience. I loved feeling the peace and all the energy that flowed within me. I am very sensitive energetically and I could feel a powerful vibration in my chakras, working especially in the heart. The next two days were of pure love, I felt a lot of harmony and peace in myself and in my home."

Natalia Morales

(She attended an on-line group healing session)
 "Great course. I really got benefit from the information and the explanations were very easy. Thank you very much." 

Basmah Abdullah   
Saudi Arabia 

(She took the course: How to develop your intuition with yoga principles)

 "It totally changes my mental state to a positive one when I follow Julia's tips & principles of Vastu. I've found truth in her principles & guidance. I myself live in India but I didn't find the different aspects and practical study of Vastu which Julia is bringing to our daily lives. I really appreciated her help, hardwork and wisdom.

Tushar Fulsoundar

(He attended the conference: Creating uplifting spaces for health: the science of Vaastu

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