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Reiki vs Divine healing

Both methods are wonderful ! However, there're some differences.
Let's compare them:

Who am I to offer you this?

Julia Dalalba

- Vastu consultant, architect and healer specialised in        interior design for health and spiritual well-being.
- Ph.D. candidate in sacred architecture, Oxford (UK)
- Reiki Master and disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda since 2013.


Discovering my healing skills was a total surprise for me!
I had many migraines since I was a teenage. After trying everything in traditional medicine and not finding any successful solution during more than 15 years, I tried Reiki.
I was very sceptic with alternative healing methods but it was the most effective treatment I had: my headaches were reduced 80%! So, I ended up becoming a Reiki Master for self-treatment.

At that moment, I discovered in myself healing abilities that I was not aware of. At the same time, I started to meditate and joined the spiritual path of kriya yoga in India. The extraordinary testimonies I received from others encouraged me to start serving people as a healer.
Since 2013, I've been treating people with all kind of problems: stress, anxiety, emotional traumas, health issues...obtaining amazing results!

However, as I progressed further on my spiritual path, I started to incorporate Yogananda's healing techniques to those sessions. Then, I realized that his Divine healing methods were more powerful and effective than Reiki.

I also combine these healing methods with the Vedic science of Vaastu. So, whenever is required, I heal people and their homes too! :-)

 "My soul was feeling dry, my body almost always tired, and my mind racing in many directions. After a session with Julia, all these aspects of my being got aligned. A deep sense of well-being and peace descended over me. Every sense of heaviness disappeared. You must try Julia's healing sessions...

Narayani Anaya 
Spiritual Director of Ananda Mumbai, (India)

What do you get in one session?

Every person is unique with their own circumstances so they experience these sessions in a different way but, in my last 8 years of experience, what I've been hearing the most from my patients after a session is a sense of peace, relaxation, healing or a sense of Divine presence. 


Channeling of Divine energy flowing through your body, mind and soul at distance. 


Sense of peace and relaxation, to the point of falling asleep sometimes during the session ;-)


Many people experience a more calm and serene mind, free from worry or anxious thoughts. 


Feelings of anger, sadness or willingness to cry could come up as part of emotional cleansing.

sense of divine presence

Some people have ineffable experiences in these sessions related to their spiritual well-being. 


Stimulation of the flow of energy in the body and chakras, liberating inner blockages.

The ones who tried these group sessions, they say: 

Chiara Mellarè

"Thank you Julia. It was very powerful and beautiful! I felt carried, lifted from the ground and taken to another hemisphere, very powerful, I can't speak ... as if I had walked 1000 km... thank you Julia"

Natalia Morales

"We did a group healing with Julia and it was a beautiful experience. I loved feeling the peace and all the energy that flowed within me and the connection with the girls. I am very sensitive energetically and I could feel a powerful vibration in my chakras, working especially in the heart. The next two days were of pure love, I felt a lot of harmony and peace in myself and in my home"

Amparo Calabuig

 "The therapy with Julia Dalalba has meant a before and after in my life. An internal, effective and rooted job. Like a lamp illuminating our own darkness. 100% recommended her group sessions, really powerful, allowing us to heal with other colleagues, mirrors of our own lights and shadows"

When is the next session?

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